What Defines A Good Gaming Computer?

PC gaming has been there for decades and even though advanced consoles has entered the gaming arena to give PC gaming a tough fight, it is for sure that the computer gaming is here to stay. The PC gaming provides options for deeper customization that the console gaming can never provide.

Moreover, the sound and the graphic settings can be adjusted as per the players’ choice, the setting which is not as advanced in the gaming consoles. However, PC gaming might be a bit troublesome for many as one has to deal with sound card update, driver update and graphic card driver updates, from time to time, for a better gaming experience. One also cannot just put in a CD and get started with the game as in console gaming, because one has to install and update the game, which might take some time. Here are the few factors that would help you buy a good gaming computer for yourself –

Budget – This is really important as whether you are building a gaming PC or buying a good gaming computer, you need to fix your budget first. The gaming components collectively can run into thousands of dollars and can burn your pocket to scratch, whether you want a good gaming computer that runs two graphic cards or a GPU worth $500.


Graphics – You need to first know the kind of games you are playing and buy good gaming computer accordingly. The resolution of the monitor and the graphic card properties should be considered as well for better graphics. Buying a high-end card without thinking about the kind of games you would be playing would make no sense, as each and every component to be compatible with each other in a good gaming computer. The frame rate of the monitor also needs to be considered before buying the monitor, to ensure that you enjoy high end graphics on your PC.

CPU – While the six core processors might look fancy, they are not compulsory. You can also use the hexa-core desktop system. The memory architecture of the CPU also makes a lot of difference, otherwise the system might get heated up too frequently, and too soon, hampering your gaming experience and also harming your PC in the long run. Make sure to use i5 or i7 processor, which are easily available these days. Using PC coolers along with that can help with keeping the good gaming computer perform without the issue of heating coming up.

Memory – A good gaming computer needs to have high speed memory or DDR3 or better with a high frequency processor, in the range of 1200 MHz to 1600 MHz. The version of Windows you are using also makes a difference, as to whether it is a 64 bit processor or 32 bit processor. Buying a SSD drive for storage is also one of the factors you need to keep in mind as it loads the game faster, creates less noise and takes less boot time.

There are a few other factors like motherboards, keyboards, cases, power, and audio, which you need to consider while buying a good gaming computer. And, if money is not a problem, you can always buy a ready-to-use pre-assembled gaming PC from big brands like Alien ware, MSI, and so on.

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